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Cold Spring Voters Guide 2013: The Candidates in their own words

Michael Bowman Michael Bowman Name: Michael Bowman

Age: 36

Education: B.A. History, Marist College ‘99,

M.S. Historic Preservation, University of Vermont ‘02

Family: Partner Donna and daughter Sophia, 9.

Occupation: I.T. Professional, Marist College

Q: What is your view on Butterfield? Be as precise as possible.

Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell I believe that we have a unique opportunity in Butterfield in that the developer has tried to meet the Village’s needs by presenting a taxpositive, mixed-use development; including consolidated municipal services, an ADA compliant court, an anchor for the US Post Office, senior center and possibly a community center. Paul Guillaro stated that he would set aside a large tract of preserved open space, “The Village Green,” that will serve as the southern gateway into our Village. All of the above were identified as “smart-growth” for the Butterfield property in the recently adopted Comprehensive


The developer has asked for a decision on the B4a rezoning, and recommendations on a “path to approval.” This plan was first proposed as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and after the B4a public hearing I think that we may be coming full circle back to a (PUD).

Stephanie Hawkins Stephanie Hawkins Q: What is the village’s most pressing issue?

In my view, the Village’s most pressing issue is our aging services, facilities and infrastructure. A new firehouse, renovations to the wastewater treatment plant, upgrades on Main Street, our dams and other community services need to be planned for as part of a larger capital projects plan, focusing on long-term needs. These are expensive undertakings that need to happen with as little impact on the taxpayer as possible. This is a task perfectly suited to take advantage of the natural “brain-trust” of Cold Spring residents, who through a Capital Projects Committee/ Economic Advisory Board could work with the Village Board to guide us.

John Ralph Falloon John Ralph Falloon We must also heed the call to action of the adopted Comprehensive Plan, making it law in the Village. Issues such as zoning, and land-use regulations, directly tied to presently proposed developments (Butterfield), and those in the near future (Marathon) need to be updated to the current standard.

Q: What would you do differently from the current village board?

We need to raise the bar at the Village Board level. I firmly believe that all public meetings should be videotaped, or podcasted, in order to allow participation in government by everyone. We have an amazing Village website, and there is no reason why we can’t be proactively complying with the Open Meeting Laws.

We could provide not only agendas, but the resolutions and other action items to the public before meetings. I also believe that workshops should be less frequent, and that any policy decisions should only be made at regular monthly meeting. If done efficiently, these meetings should not be the marathon, hours’ long affairs that we have come to expect.

I believe that if we make this commitment to communicating openly with the community, laying bare all our Village functions, that we can once again earn the trust of the people and bring our community back together.

Name: Bruce D. Campbell

Age: 59

Education: Our Lady of Loretto / Haldane High/ Dutchess Community College (Business Administration) / Motorola Technical Training (Communications / Radio Networking) Tactical Training in support of Cadet Basic Training.

Family: My wife: Patricia “Nastasi” Campbell, My son: Evan Duncan Campbell

Occupation: Retired (36 years at USMA Information Management) Current: Trustee / Village of Cold Spring

Q: What is your view on Butterfield? Be as precise as possible.

I would hope now that all of the plans we’ve been working on for some time can become a reality. The possibility of losing our post office is a major concern to many residents. So the plans for a temporary location on the Butterfield property until construction of a more permanent building is in place should be arranged as soon as possible. Hopefully any idea of relocating the post office to Garrison can be put to the side. Our senior citizens deserve a better senior center and at the Butterfield location is the best place for this. County services on this side of the county is what we in Cold Spring have been wanting for many years. I do hope the Town officials will support our work towards this project and make plans for shared space in the new municipal building. I fully support the ban on Formula Franchise considerations and hope we can put a law with restrictions in place soon. The other concerns expressed from many residents are also ones that I believe can be worked so all will be satisfied with the retail and commercial uses there. I have full confidence in our standing boards ( Zoning / Planning / Historical Review / Special ) to continue working with the plans for Butterfield and to keep this plan on track and minimize delays .

Q: What is the village’s most pressing issue?

Most Pressing issue is the Butterfield Project . Planning for all of our Capital Improvement projects a close second.

Q: What would you do differently from the current village board?

I would hope that the new board can work together and all Trustees participate more in all of their duties. Good communications is in our best interests and our residents will see the difference and appreciate every board member’s efforts.

Name: Stephanie Hawkins

Age: 42

Education: B.A., Wheaton College

Family: Unmarried

Occupation: Director of Contracts, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Q: What is your view on Butterfield? Be as precise as possible.

I’m excited to see Butterfield developed, including a new home for the post office and I’m hopeful the County will follow through on its statements of support for installing a new Office for the Aging there – including a fully operational kitchen.

Q: What is the village’s most pressing issue?

In order to get work done effectively and efficiently, the Village Board needs to restore an environment of mutual respect and support for all who participate in Village government, including the Village Board itself, standing board volunteers and residents – especially where differences of experience and opinion are concerned. Without this, compromise and consensus on both simple and complex matters alike cannot be reached.

Q: What would you do differently from the current village board?

Promote taking a proactive, leadership role in implementing the Comprehensive Plan. It is time the Village Board moves ahead deliberately and consistently – with continued public participation – in order to put the Comprehensive Plan into action.

Name: John Ralph Falloon

Age: 45

Education: Haldane Graduate. Some College, SUNY Delhi Construction Technology Program. Left college to work in the construction field. And I have many, many certification courses through the Office of Fire Prevention and Control for New York State, since 1986.

Family: Mom and Dad live in Cold Spring. Mom works for the Village, Dad is still a CSFC Firefighter, Sister lives in Beekman, used to be a CSPD Police Officer. Wife, Melissa, Putnam Valley Elementary Special Ed Teacher. Kylie, 8, attends Haldane and Dylan, 3, attends Community Day Nursery School.

Occupation: Firefighter, City of Stamford, Stamford CT. In my 19th year.

Q: What is your view on Butterfield? Be as precise as possible.

The Mixed use Development is the best deal for everyone. Now that we have come to an agreement with the Village Bd and Mr. Guillaro we must work our tails off and do what it takes (legally and ethically) to get the project started with as much of a consensus of all residents as possible.

Q: What is the village’s most pressing issue?

Butterfield followed by infrastructure and how to pay for it.

Q: What would you do differently from the current village board?

Prove to the residents that we will be an open, transparent board. We will accomplish this through open dialogue amongst ourselves, our volunteer boards and committees, and by listening and addressing the concerns of all of our residents with this approach.

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