2013-03-13 / Elections

Today is Election Day: Vote!

Campaigns in Final Stretch
By Tim Greco

With the race coming to a close on Tuesday, village candidates are making last-minute preparations and pitches.

The race for Cold Spring mayor will be uncontested; barring a write-in vote upset, J. Ralph Falloon will be the next Mayor of Cold Spring.

As it stands, the race has Trustee/Deputy Mayor Bruce Campbell competing to hold onto his Trustee seat, with Cold Spring Fire Company President Michael Bowman and Special Board member Stephanie Hawkins also seeking seats. Two spots are available.

The race will prove to be an interesting one. Since Campbell has been seen as closely aligned with outgoing Mayor Seth Gallagher; some believe this could leave him vulnerable. Gallagher has certainly had his share of controversial moments in office, most recently his efforts to try to keep the Butterfield project viable, as he vigorously fought to save the Cold Spring Post Office and provide a community center for seniors, youth and others.

In fighting to save Butterfield, Gallagher, a native Cold Springer, lost many of his long-time supporters over his ardent backing of developer Paul Guillaro, including Hawkins, who once served as his campaign manager.

Last-minute preparations are underway until the polls close. All three are basically running on an open government platform with all advocating a spirit of unity, peace and harmony.

We asked the three candidates what they plan on doing this final week of campaigning. Campbell said, “Even though the past year has been a more challenging time for the Village Board, I know the future will bring new light on what we’ll be facing. Working together and good communications is the key to this success. I’ll continue my door-to-door campaign this week and into Election Day. I have been welcomed and hope that residents will consider their vote for me on March 19th.”

Bowman said, “The race will wrap up on Tuesday March 19th at 9 p.m. I will continue to do what I have always done and that is to get out there and work my hardest to win the respect and votes of my fellow residents up until the last minute – and beyond. Going door-to-door over the past few weeks I have begun to notice a surge in my direction. I believe the people of the Village really do want actions, rather than words. They want to see the Village pulling together to work towards a more positive future. More than anything they want to see decision making, no matter how hard the decisions might be. I have put my platform out there for all to see and read. Every day I am approached on the street, receive emails and calls to answer questions on a host of Village-related topics. I feel that my message has been received well by the community, and I think that many people realize that I am not standing up for one group or another, but am willing to stand for everyone in the Village.”

Hawkins gave a detailed account of her campaigning scheduling, mapping it out day by day: “Briefly, over the past weekend I met some interested voters who had good questions about Formula Business Restrictions, county services coming to Cold Spring, and the economic health of our Main Street business district. … Today, Monday, is 8 days before the election. This morning I coordinated my second (and last) ad in the PCN&R with the help of the patient and gracious Lynn Duffy. This evening I delivered a couple lawn signs and some buttons (my father lovingly made these when I told him I was running for Trustee) to neighbors who had asked for them, and met with a friend who quizzed me in preparation for the second candidate forum on Wednesday. Tuesday, 7 days before the election, I’ll attend the Village Board’s monthly meeting. Wednesday, 6 days before the election, I’ll attend the second candidate forum. Thursday, 5 days before the election I’ll attend the Special Board meeting. This weekend, 4 days before the election, I’ll start reminding everyone to vote next Tuesday and on Tuesday – ELECTION DAY, I plan to vote very early on my way to the train in the AM!”

On Tuesday, polls are open 6 a.m. till 9 p.m. Village Clerk Mary Saari said as of Tuesday morning there were 34 absentee ballots, “but we still have a week to go.”

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