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The Putnam County News & Recorder, Our History

The Putnam County News & Recorder began in 1866 in western Putnam County. Charles Blanchard started it on March 1, 1866, and initially, the newspaper was called the Cold Spring Recorder.

At the time, there was no other competition for providing news to this growing village, which had burgeoned then, especially as the West Point Foundry ramped up to supply armaments to the nation, including the North in the Civil War.

The paper has always seen part of its core mission as encouraging civic involvement and participation, and from the beginning has had an active letters to the editor section. It continues today, stronger than ever.

The newspaper had a number of owners, and several different names, over the years. Mr. Blanchard sold the paper in November 1867 to Sylvester B. Allis. Other, subsequent owners included Otis Montrose, George Seymour, W. Osborn Webb, Jack LaDue, Bob Ingram and Brian O’Donnell. Subsequent names over the years included The News Recorder; The Hudson, Putnam, and Harlem Valley News; The Putnam County News; and, finally, the Putnam County News & Recorder.

Until Dec. 15, the newspaper was owned and published by Elizabeth Ailes of Garrison. Douglas Cunningham is now publisher and editor. The paper occupies a renovated historical building on Main Street in Cold Spring, the site of what was once the Old Homestead gentlemen’s club in the early 1900s. Online, the newspaper can found at 

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