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Neglected, Abandoned, and Malnourished Dog Found In Garrison

By Eric Gross

This malnourished, sick, and neglected dog was found in Garrison. Photo by Ken Ross.This malnourished, sick, and neglected dog was found in Garrison. Photo by Ken Ross.

A case of animal abuse is being investigated by the Putnam County SPCA.

Putnam County Sheriff's Department personnel were summoned to Bird Lane near Old Albany Post Road in Garrison Thursday evening where a female poodle-cocker spaniel mixed dog was found in what Ken Ross, Chief of the SPCA Police described as in an "extreme state of neglect."

A resident of Bird Lane called 9-1-1 after finding the four- to seven-year-old female wandering in the backyard of his residence.

The dog was transported to the Westchester Animal Hospital for examination where it was diagnosed with symmetrical alopecia as well as with yeast dermatitis, hyperkeratosis covering most of her body, and overgrown nails on her paws.

Ross said hyperkeratosis causes scales resulting in skin lesions and infection that are extremely painful for the animal.

Ross said the veterinarian described the dog's skin condition as the "worst he had ever seen."

Ross said the abandonment is being investigated as a criminal case of animal cruelty—a Class A misdemeanor under New York State law.

Ross also reported the homeowner who found the neglected dog also observed a BMW motorcycle with extended saddlebags on the street shortly before the animal was found.

Anyone with information is asked to call Ross at the Putnam SPCA—520-6915. All calls will be kept confidential.

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