2012-07-11 / Letters to the Editor

Butterfield and Our Seniors

To the Editor:

Last week’s article on Philipstown senior citizens continues your editorial policy of blaming the Cold Spring Planning Board for Butterfield owner Paul Guillaro’s decision to abandon his plans to develop the site. Your consistent use of phrases in recent articles such as “the actions of the Cold Spring Planning Board” to explain his walk-away gives Mr. Guillaro an undeserved free pass.

Let’s not forget who jilted who. Paul Guillaro left our seniors at the altar by withdrawing his Butterfield application from consideration. This “Pre- Cana” run for the hills was his doing. The Planning Board was ready to work with him, and still is, and we all hope he reinstates his interest in developing the Butterfield site. Because I think Mr. Guillaro is in essence a good man, I believe he will.

I invite all seniors to read the Planning Board’s 5-page Butterfield report to the Village Board, available upon request at the Village Office, to see our recommendations and views on development of the Butterfield site. Three of our five members are seniors and all of us understand the issues facing seniors in Philipstown. The Planning Board wants our seniors to be treated with respect and dignity, as do our elected officials in Cold Spring and Philipstown. To its credit, this newspaper does as well.

I also request the PCN&R alter its obvious anti-Planning Board editorial slant. Your recent editorial advocating the removal of three of our members was unfair and over the top. Imagine a hypothetical editorial on the other end of the spectrum demanding Mr. Guillaro sell his property, even at a loss, for having walked away from Cold Spring and our seniors. That is an equally unreasonable position and I would never expect a newspaper such as the PCN&R to support such an ouster.

On the contrary, I believe Mr. Guillaro is a professional developer who is entitled to make money and is more than capable of working with our community. I hope he decides to return to the altar. Our seniors are waiting.

Joseph Barbaro


Village of Cold Spring

Planning Board

Editor’s note: The Planning Board’s report is also available at pcnr.com.

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