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Nelsonville Sees Mortgage Tax Slump


Mayor Tom Corless presided over a brief monthly meeting of the Village of Nelsonville Board of Trustees on Dec. 19 held in the Village Hall that was gaily decorated for the holidays.

After routine voucher approvals, it came as no surprise to those present that the mortgage tax revenue for 2011 will be about $3,000, down from $4,000 in 2010. This represents a dramatic change from the $7,000 that was received just two years ago and underscores the fact that the dismal housing market has had a direct impact on village income.

Village Building Inspector George Duncan will be dispatched to a series of basic training courses that are mandated by the state for building inspectors. Trustee Ande Merante also noted that all members of the Village Zoning and Planning Board need to take similar training by state mandate, which will be scheduled for two hours early in the year and two hours later on in 2012. The state statute, which took effect Jan. 1, 2007, requires members of planning boards, zoning boards of appeals, and county planning boards to receive a minimum number of hours of training a year.

Merante reported that he took an inspection walk through the village and noticed that many trees are lifting sidewalks. “We need to take a look at this in the spring,” he said. He added that a delivery truck took another tree down on Division Street and that this will be a continuing issue for the village that needs to be addressed.

In new business, the Board made an appointment for the vacant seat on the Nelsonville Zoning Board. Resident Steven Merando was nominated for the position and will be installed at the Jan. 4 Zoning Board meeting. It was also reported that Joe Etta has asked for a change of use permit for his property, from a garage/workshop to a two-family residence. Division Street neighbors who will be affected by the change will soon receive a notice regarding this matter.

Village Clerk Pauline Minners reported that the Nelsonville village codes will be posted on the village website this year. She also said that Lockner Engineering of Newburgh has signed all contracts for the long-awaited work to be done on village streets. “The start date for construction is May 1,” she noted, “so we are finally moving forward with this project.”


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