2011-01-26 / Legal Notices

Town Board of the Town of Philipstown

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a Public Hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Philipstown on February 9, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. at the Haldane Central School Gym, Craigside Drive, Cold Spring, New York regarding the adoption of a new zoning law for the Town of Philipstown.  The purpose of the Public Hearing is to solicit public comment on a proposed comprehensive revision of the Philipstown Zoning Law.
FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that in the event of snow, the Public Hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Philipstown on February 16, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. at the Haldane Central School Gym, Craigside Drive, Cold Spring, New York.
The proposed new zoning law affects all landowners in the Town of Philipstown because it will repeal the existing Zoning Law, Chapter 175 of the Town Code, and replace it with an entirely new Zoning Law.
The purpose of the new Zoning Law is to implement the recommendations of the Town of Philipstown Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Town Board on March 9, 2006.  The Comprehensive Plan recommended revising the Zoning Law in order to better protect the Town’s natural, scenic, and historic resources and provide more flexibility of land use options to meet the community’s housing and economic development needs in a manner that is cost-effective and that maintains the Town’s rural and small-town character.
Among the significant changes to the Zoning Law are the following:
1.    Repeal of the existing zoning map and replacement with a series of new zoning maps showing land use district, overlay districts, and protected ridgelines.
2.    Restructuring and reorganization of the entire zoning document, eliminating inconsistencies and ambiguities in language.
3.    Reconfiguration of the Town’s zoning districts and the regulations associated with these districts, including but not limited to revised use regulations, dimensional and lot size regulations, parking regulations, and environmental performance standards.  New zoning districts include Rural Conservation, Rural Residential, Suburban Residential, Hamlet Mixed-Use, Hamlet Residential, Institutional Conservation, Office / Commercial / Industry, Industrial / Manufacturing, and Highway Commercial.
4.    Addition of new overlay districts, including a Scenic Protection Overlay, Floodplain Overlay, Cold Spring Watershed Overlay, Aquifer Overlay, Open Space Conservation Overlay, Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse Overlay, and Mobile Home Overlay.
5.    Retention of the existing Soil Mining Overlay district, adult entertainment use regulations, accessory apartment regulations, and communication tower regulations.
6.    Creation of new Open Space Development provisions allowing more flexibility in the layout and design of residential developments, including conservation subdivisions and the limited use of flag lots.
7.    Revisions to specific use regulations including but not limited to signs, solid waste facilities, home occupations, driveways and drive-up windows, and multi-family housing.
8.    Revision and incorporation of the Town’s Steep Slope Regulation into the Zoning Law.
9.    Streamlining and simplifying the permitted decisions into one board rather than having multiple reviews of the same project by different boards.
Any resident of the Town of Philipstown may be heard upon the proposed new zoning law at the Public Hearing.
Complete copies of the Proposed Zoning Law, a summary of its’ provisions, and the New Zoning Maps are available for inspection at the Town Clerk’s Office, 238 Main Street, Cold Spring, New York.  The same materials are available on the Town’s Website:  www.philipstown.com
DATED:  January 26, 2011
Tina M. Merando
Town Clerk


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