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Legislator Tamagna Presents His Platform For The Future

Putnam County Legislator Vincent Tamagna presents here his platform for the future of Philipstown, which prioritizes taxes, roads, the environment and schools as top issues in his drive for a third term as Putnam County Legislator.

"As I have been aggressively campaigning for my third term, it has been a pleasure to speak with so many of my constituents. I will continue to knock on doors and receive your comments on our direction for the future. I am glad to say I’m hearing we are on the right track," Tamagna said. The Legislator’s broad support includes the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Green parties.

"Some have commented on the amount of time it takes to be Legislator. I consider it a privilege to be available 24/7 as a public servant. To be a caregiver for our community, it’s almost a requirement. My success over the past six years is a result of long hours and the ability to network with partners on the state and federal level. Without these strong partnerships, you’re operating in a vacuum," said Tamagna.

Getting the Job Done on Behalf of the Taxpayers: "During my six years as County Legislator, there have been no new taxes," said Tamagna. "I agonized over this year’s budget. In order to maintain a flat budget, it was necessary to consolidate and restructure some of our County departments. There are some trying to make this a campaign issue. My vote to eliminate a position in my office was not a political decision, but a business decision - a decision I made to eliminate duplication and deliver a zero percent tax increase to the taxpayers."

Getting the Job Done for Better Roads and Safer Streets: "This week I have again been coordinating the Route 9 - Fishkill Road improvement, meeting with Harold Lyons, the engineers and Congresswoman Sue Kelly’s office. I am on a mission to create a safer Route 9 in the North Highlands," said Tamagna. "The results of the past three years demonstrate great success on Route 9 in Garrison. In 1997, there were 16 accidents at Indian Brook Road. In 1999, there were two. In 1998, there were ten accidents on Route 301. In 1999 there were six. Accidents have been cut more than 21%. I will be vigilant in my third term to continue with our program to make Route 9 one of New York’s safest highways," said Tamagna.

Getting the Job Done for Cleaner Air, Water and Open Space: "I am hearing a lot of concerns over our drinking water supply. That’s why we are conducting a county-wide aquifer study. Using state-of- the-art technology - GIS and GPS - we will map aquifers and disseminate the information as a planning tool for pinpointing critical watershed areas, well areas and areas where water will not support development," said Tamagna. Legislator Tamagna was recognized in Scenic Hudson News, Summer, 2000 (Volume 21, Number 2) for securing a $100,000 grant for the Village of Cold Spring to build a dock park - a .7 acre riverfront parcel adjacent to the Cold Spring Metro North station and historic Chapel of Our Lady Restoration. "The rationale is simple. We need riverfront access for Philipstown residents. We also need green space and pocket parks. I was glad to support the Nelsonville Village Green Park last year. We in Philipstown enjoy some of the most breathtaking and beautiful landscapes in the world and I want to preserve it - the bucolic character of this community with its open space, rural beauty and wetlands," said Tamagna.

Getting the Job Done for Our Students: "As the parent of a teenager, I know the importance of good schools and modern classrooms. Keeping our kids drug- and alcohol-free saves lives and improves academic performance", said Tamagna. Working with Congresswoman Sue Kelly, Tamagna installed modern computers at the Haldane School. "I plan to meet with Haldane to add a new Resource Officer to our local high school. The Resource Officer concept has proven its value in all Putnam high schools and middle schools, combating drugs and acting as advisor and friend to the students," said Tamagna. Tamagna is also working with West-chester for revised training requirements for first-time drivers to give new drivers the experience they need for driving safely on some of Philipstown’s tough roads."

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