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Negative Ad Was Inappropriate for Local School Board Election

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter in response to the ad in last week More...

There Were Clear Distinctions Between Garrison School Board Candidates

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Tourist Invasion Has Impacted Our Way of Life

Dear Editor

With the problem of parking being what it has been for so long, it seems that the mayor has no real clue how to approach this problem with any kind of sensitivity, especially to the home owner, residents, or visitors for that matter, but if you call More...

Cold Spring Police Join Click It or Ticket Mobilization

Dear Editor,

While safety belts are proven to reduce the risk of serious injury or death in a crash by 45 percent in a car, for pickup trucks and SUVs, the risk reduction is as much as 60 percent, yet new national data shows safety belt use is far lower among pic More...

Letter Writer Retracts Tone of Published Letter

To the Editor,

This letter is addressed to the Garrison Community. I write to comment upon the rash, rush to judgment in my April 29th letter to the News of the Highlands. Upon reflection, I feel the tone was unnecessarily harsh and divisive. More...

Rep. Kelly Cannot Answer Simple Yes or No Question on Voting


We in the 19th Congressional District have our very own Jackie Mason. None other than Rep. Sue Kelly. More...

Writer Stands by Statements in Political Ad


Rather than wait until next week, I thought I may as well respond now to the mail you More...

Stray Dog Shows More Respect for Life

I read in the newspapers how a stray dog in Kenya came to the rescue of a tiny newborn baby abandoned in a wooded area and saved her from death by dragging her back to where she kept her puppies. More...

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