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Open Space: An Investment that Keeps on Giving


Comments by a member of the audience at the Legislative public hearing as reported in last week More...

Are Multiple Superintendents Just Expensive School Politics?


Can anyone with knowledge of local history explain why Haldane has a school superintendent, why Garrison has a superintendent and why Highland Falls has a superintendent when elsewhere a single superintendent oversees thousands of students in numerou More...

Democrat’s Signs Have Been Inappropriately Removed

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Alerts Readers to Town Board Meeting Regarding Upland Drive

I have been working with a group of homeowners on Upland Drive in Continental Village, trying to get our road into passable shape for the winter. (Any of you who have driven all the way across the ridge know just how bad it can be. More...

Public Hearing Important for Those Concerned with Philipstown’s Future

Dear Editor,

The future of our town More...

Sue Kelly’s Voting Record is an Embarrassment


Sue Kelly is an embarrassment. She continues to cuddle the National Rife Association and comforts them with her votes to kill wildlife. It More...

Is There a Pattern Here?

Dear Editor,

I would like to address a matter other than the lumberyard project, although this matter in a way is related. As many may know, the village of Cold Spring is taking me to court for alleged violations due to erecting signs on my front porch. More...

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