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Reflecting On Shame


Thich Nhat Hahn, a Vietnamese Zen Master, poet and peacemaker, writes in his book, Being Peace, " Do not kill, do not let others kill. Find whatever means possible to protect life and to prevent war". More...

Group Forced to Take Legal Action in Response to Zoning Change

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Democracy is Still Working in Cold Spring

The Cold Spring Zoning Board of Appeals public hearing on August 12th regarding the petition of Cold Spring Harbor, LLC, the developers who wish to build an 11-unit condominium in place of the former lumberyard on the Cold Spring waterfront, was a si More...

Galef Suggests Ways to Show Appreciation for Troops

As an elected official, I am often asked how to support our troops who are in danger around the world. There are ways we can show appreciation for the sacrifices being made by our military men and women. Here are some ideas: More...

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Defends Volunteers at Humane Society


I feel compelled to respond to Rita Ross More...

Suggests Use For Lumberyard Property

Why has the Lumberyard Property caused so much controversy when the answer to the problem is so simple to resolve by just moving the Foundry Museum to the land? The advantages to Cold Spring are many, including financially. More...

Some Protestors at Republican Convention Intent on Disruption, Not Change


As the Republican Party comes here this week for their convention, the usual array of agitators will be there to cause trouble and disrupt the event. Some will be sincere, some won More...

Article 78 Served in Response to Maneuverings by Village Officials

Dear Editor,

On August 12th, the Cold Spring Firefighters provided the necessary space for the overflow crowd - for the more than 166 residents - packing the Firehouse at the August 12 Public Hearing of the Zoning Board of Appeals. More...

Putnam Valley Man Claims Officials Are Crooked

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