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Coffee House Finds a Home on Main Street
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Cup-o-ccino is the kind of place where, even on the last Sunday of November, customers still sit outside, taking in what might be the season’s last sunny weekend, sipping on a hot coffee and enjoying a quick snack—maybe even trying a unique ice cream and coffee drink.
The coffee house at 92 Main Street in Cold Spring has only been open since May 2009, but is already taking on the feel of a gathering place popular with both locals and out-of-towners.
Owners Jessica Lupo and John Arguello paused at the end of that busy Sunday to talk about their still new establishment. “We wanted a coffee house, and it seemed Cold Spring was looking for one,” Arguello explained. “My landlord called me to say that there was a space open in Cold Spring...It was fate, I’d say,” he added.
Arguello and Lupo previously owned and operated La Tasca, a tapas restaurant in Beacon, but are very happy to be in Cold Spring. “We’ve been well received,” Lupo said. “There’s been a lot of support from locals, which is great. I think we’ve found a home. We want to stay here.”
Describing Cup-o-ccino, Arguello puts it simply. “It’s a place for people who want a quick bite. It’s easy.”
The menu reflects that quick and easy approach.
In the morning, the breakfast menu includes hot breakfast sandwiches on a roll, bagel, croissant, or panini. At lunch there are four paninis to choose from, including “The Italiano,” loaded with salami, provolone, or mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and basil, along with the turkey and veggie varieties of the popular sandwich. The roast beef panini features cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, and horseradish mayo. Arguello plans to add a few more varieties of paninis to the menu before long.
And then there are the homemade soups—courtesy of Arguello’s mother. Whether it’s lentil, pea, chicken rice, cream of broccoli, or mushroom, he says his mom’s unique use of spices puts a distinct “Spanish take” on Cup-o-ccino’s soups.
Coffee is an obvious mainstay and Cup-o-ccino serves Seattle’s Best, a recommendation that Arguello picked up on from local customers. “We tried a different brand at first, but it wasn’t that great. Some of our locals recommended Seattle’s Best—and it’s going over very well.” The complete variety of specialty coffees is offered—espresso, cappuccino, latte, cafe mocha, macchiato, and more—along with hot chocolate. Organic coffee may soon be added to the mix. Tazo teas are also served.
Baking is a family affair with both Arguello’s and Lupo’s moms helping out.
Lupo said that serving a certain amount of baked goods was a natural to go with coffee and tea. Muffins, croissants, pies, turnovers, scones, and cookies are baked on the premises. Local home bakers supply the cupcakes and creampuffs.
Plans include adding to the ice cream menu by the time warm weather comes around again. Right now, 16 flavors of Jane’s home-made ice cream are served, along with smoothies, milk shakes, and yogurt. In the spring, customers can look for more flavors, banana splits, sundaes, and other dairy treats. And, Arguello says that just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean that people don’t want ice cream. Enter The Affogato—a scoop of vanilla ice cream accompanied by a shot of espresso. “It’s great in winter. People still want ice cream, and the espresso really complements it well” he said.
Cup-o-cinno is working hard to integrate itself as part of the community. Arguello and Lupo are also looking to reach out to local teenagers. They hope to soon offer something geared to that market—possibly an open mic night or karaoke night.
No coffee house is really a coffee house without music. A weekly session featuring local musicians is about to get under way at Cup-o-ccino. Evan Schwartz and Marlana Filannino will kick off the weekly series this Sunday, December 6, at 2pm
Customers might also want to begin to think about Christmas orders. Traditional, homemade Christmas cookies will be available in platters or baskets. There’s no fixed deadline but it’s always advisable to order early.
Cup-o-ccino’s winter hours are from 6am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, and 8am through 7pm. on Saturday and Sunday.


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